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If you've got a dollar, Jordan can write you a poem.

Maybe, you want to say something meaningful to a loved one. Maybe, you are a poetry lover. Or, hey, maybe you just want to see if Jordan can write a poem about something a poem about a one-eyed wombat. It doesn't matter to him (that said, he doesn't much wish to write R-rated poems--thanks). 

Hit the "Purchase" button , give us a little more info about your desired poem, hand us a dollar, and Jordan will write you a poem. Poems are 2 stanzas long with 4 lines in each stanza (that makes for a poem which is 8 lines long).Your poem will be emailed as a PDF to the address you provide at checkout. And, please, give Jordan about a week to complete your poem. 


Examples of what Jordan can do with $1...

Girl Holding Crayon Over Open Vent

She pulls back the grate of mystery
and stares into the teasing unknown.
Innocence makes a smile on her face,
and she dangles the crayon over the forced air.

A question, “What happens
if I drop it?” forms in her eyes,
her two tiny fingers about to let go
to discovery.

One-eyed Wombat

The one-eyed wombat
dances willy-nilly in the washing basin.
And he, grey little gremlin,
enjoys himself like a bird.

Black-eyed buddy,
your happy flapping water wings
are about to make you, my joy,
lift off.

Invention of the Portable Toilet

Let's make it blue
maybe gray
with a red and green "busy"
and "empty" latch.

Portable poopy?
Portable potty?
Portapotty! Ah, that's it.

Chapbooks. Coming Soon.



A chapbook is a short collection of poetry that is, often, self-published by the author. Jordan will be putting out a new chapbook once every 3 months. These chapbooks will be available in a downloadable, digital version and in a handmade, hard-copy version. First chapbook is due out at the end of March, 2018. 

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