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Foos House Farm

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Food is magical stuff. When you eat it, your body absorbs the food molecules into your own tissues. When you eat beef, you become cow. When you eat a carrot, you become carrot. And, when you eat a carrot from your own backyard garden, the molecules the carrot absorbs from your backyard soil are taken into your body...meaning, you become your own backyard. Weird! (and awesome)

We hope to help our neighbors feel more connected to their place by offering them locally grown produce.

By using organic and sustainable intensive growing techniques, we hope to produce delicious and nutrient dense produce, all while building soil health and increasing the biodiversity in the landscape. 


What's Next?


Over the next few years, we hope to secure a piece of land, establish infrastructure, and hone our production techniques. If you're curious about what we hope our style of farming will look like, checkout Jean-Martin Fortier, a Canadian market gardener who is known for his high-yielding, organic techniques. Be sure to watch our social media pages and the website for future updates. And, you can subscribe to our newsletter, below.