Hello! I'm Rebecca Foos, the one who does all the sewing around Foos House. We feel truly blessed to get to invite you into our homegrown adventures, and I'm grateful that you've stopped by our website to check things out. One of our biggest hopes is that, through the work we do, we will build up a joyous family, a connected community, and deep relationships--this includes the work I do with by Becca. 


By sharing with you my handmade creations, I hope to bring a bit of beauty into your life, as well as some feeling of connection to the place Jordan, Natalie, and I call home--Yankton, SD. As I continue to design and create, I will look to our place for inspiration--the city of Yankton, our place's history, the rich and gorgeous natural world where Foos House is located. I hope you'll follow along as we continue to explore and discover at Foos House. 

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