Poems in Progress: River-green Sandbar

The Missouri River is one of the most prominent features of Yankton, SD--the home of RadioYankton. Here is a poem which contemplates laying on the river's water and floating away. 

Jordan Foos
Poems in Progress: Seeing Pencil Marks Inside an Old Wall

Have you ever found something old lying around or dug up an old object in your yard? These encounters can bring us into an uncanny connection with the past. In this installment of Poems in Progress, Jordan reads a poem about an encounter with some old pencil marks. 

Jordan Foos
Poems in Progress: Wrinkles

Our wrinkles help us tell our stories. In this first installment of the RadioYankton Poems in Progress segment, Jordan reads a poem he wrote about these wrinkles. If you want to keep up on all new RadioYankton episodes, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Jolene Steffen: On the Farm With a Paintbrush

Jolene Steffen, a native of northeast Nebraska, has been making art since she lost her crayons inside her leg cast at the age of 2 1/2. Over the past 20-plus years, Jolene has made a name for herself, capturing the life and landscape of the prairie from her farm-stead painting studio. Listen as Jordan chats with Jolene about the early days of her art, about the painting process, and about the state of art in the Yankton area. 

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RadioYankton Audio Story: A Roadtrip

For this episode of RadioYankton, Jordan takes his microphone on the road, capturing the sounds of a family road trip. Consider, along with Jordan, how travel can help us better understand our homes--help us plant deeper roots. What is tourism? Is home where the heart is? How can we feel connected to the world while still being firmly planted in our place? Listen and wonder. RadioYankton will be back to regular form in three weeks, offering up another conversation with a Yankton-area local. 

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Amy and Jesse Bailey: Joy and Service in Yankton

When one has an interaction with Amy and Jesse Bailey, you can't help but feel that you've been touched by joy. Last spring, Jordan chatted with Amy and Jesse about their upbringings, about their passion for serving the Yankton community and the less fortunate, and about how they hope Yankton will develop into the future. Take a listen to a conversation that is full of laughs and insights into a life-giving Yankton couple.

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Jim and Marilyn Nyberg: A Life in Music

Jim and Marilyn Nyberg, longtime residents of Yankton, SD, have built a life infused with music. Listen as Jordan chats with them about the early days, about the impact of music on their lives, and about the state of music in Yankton. You'll even get to hear Jim and Marilyn play piano in duet. Jordan chatted with Jim and Marilyn at their historic home in Yankton. 

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Ben Hanten: Yankton and Our Shifting World

Update: Since our conversation this past spring, a few things have changed. Ben is now brewing beer, again, under the title of Ben's Brewing Company, Ben and his wife have had a second child, and Jake Hoffner is now the mayor of Yankton, not Charlie Gross. 

Ben Hanten is, likely, best known as the founder and owner of Ben's Brewing Company in Yankton, SD. But, there's more to Ben than just being the guy behind the bar. In this episode of RadioYankton, we learn about the important influences in Ben's life, about his winding path through the entrepreneurial world, and what things he thinks will help Yankton thrive as a healthy community. 

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Introducing RadioYankton

RadioYankton (Option 2).png

Introducing RadioYankton, the podcast aimed at building a sense of local knowledge, culture, and rootedness for Yankton residents and those who love the Yankton community. Jordan Foos will be having conversations with interesting and enlightening people from Yankton, SD, learning more about these people's lives and picking their brains about their areas of expertise and their interests. Listen to the introductory episode to learn more, and subscribe to RadioYankton on iTunes, Stitcher, or many other places where you can find podcasts. 

Theme music:  "Puzzle Pieces" by Lee Rosevere

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